Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing is important

i am;
a surrealist swimming
in the sea of illusions
my words are so honest.
my heart.
my only living organ; still intact.
i babble, lucid. i make sense,
i understand—
but i'm so confused.
lost in a world of perception.
it felt so good, so good to talk
like only that moment mattered
only it existed.
"but it's okay now"
"it's okay... now"
it's alright
every single thing...
it's alright.
like i'm tripping; delusional but realistic
clarity weaving in and out of focus.
but i understand—or do i?
every single thing!'ll be alright
cow heart and banana;
it'll be alright.
today i stand, born again
i fly like the crow

i fly so, so high.

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