Friday, February 27, 2009

Trains and Sewing Machines

I've been playing hide and seek with a fever the past two days. I can't sleep. I wake up every few hours frantic, like I'm supposed to be elsewhere doing something important.

The reality that I am supposed to be doing important things is beside the point.

Import'nt stuff is happening, and I'm delusional beyond belief, sleep deprived and light headed. But it'll work out in the end. I will make every single detail fit.

RD if RD were human. Oh I know, RD is a boy, and RD is a fish. But RD is also just a binocular cue for depth perception. Retinal Disparity has no gender.

In the garden of your love, I'll stay awhile.
To be, to be.

The sounds I have heard in your hello....
Oh, darling. You're almost part of me.

Oh, darling. You're all I'll ever see.

I love the Moody Blues. I love Imogen Heap. I love Regina Spektor. I love everything. I love the world. I love you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chemicals should not be stored in plastic sandwich bags

But we do it anyway.

That is definitely not a properly graduated Erlenmeyer flask, but that's okay. You shouldn't be using an Erlenmeyer to measure things. Certainly not to make solutions. They are great fun for swirling, however. The 50 mL ones make me smile. (All 50 mL flasks and beakers make me smile.)