Thursday, July 9, 2009

Copies of your chart

I was rummaging through my old (8th grade) sketchbooks and found some Miyavi fanart. Haha, I laughed. This is so childishly drawn and look at the proportions oh goodness, I'm glad these stay tucked away where no one can see them!

I'm always critical of my past art, in a very grateful way. "That's sucky old* me, I'm where I am now and I can show you up with this awesome thing I'm gonna draw right next to it." Also, my new pencil lead came in today. Mmm... B lead mechanical pencils.

I miss listening to Miyavi all day. Well.. this is why we fight. At least I can listen to Regina.

*So we say old meaning in the past, but let's face it, 17 years is more than 13 years. I'm older NOW. Therefore, "old me" = "young(er) me." Only in English can we make old = young. [don't quote me on that, maybe you can get away with it in Swazi]

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