Saturday, February 20, 2010

There's no guarantees

Won't you please forgive me, but you know cold blooded women make me sneeze.

This is what I see when I hear A Heady Tale. And Look Out Sunshine.

Basically, Taphrin (the girl) receives a letter from a boy she's stupidly in love with saying he's going on an adventure, essentially leaving her behind. She won't have it that way, so she runs away from her gypsy village home and finds her way to the nearest town. There, in the town pub, Maxlin (the creep) has just been left by his wife for drinking too much--but it's okay because he knows his wife has been cheating on him anyway--and decides to get drunk and start anew. When Taph inquires about the fastest way to the big city, he offers her a full ride, as he wants to get out himself.

Also, I am in love with Max's arm and shirt.

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