Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I wanted originally do a portrait of something else, but I couldn't find any good reference pictures and for this I blame Grant for always seeming to get in the way. Then I started listening to Regina Spektor and for some reason looked up her picture. And at this point I really did want to draw her, but I decided against it. Instead, I drew Tabby!

I did copy/reference Regina Spektor's pose on the cover of Begin to Hope, but this definitely is not Regina. This is Tabby, the personification of my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. See the logo on her cap? Yup, she's a Wacom alright.

I wish scanning colored pencil didn't make it look so incredibly grainy. I thought it was pretty smooth on paper. :(

EDIT: When I start doing Tabby stuff, I can't stop doing Tabby stuff. Here's a sketch!


[k] said...

i ilke tabby, she's pretty. and i adore the hat

Maya said...

I have a hat similar to that, which is why I drew it. Mine is black though, and not all decked out in Wacom.